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Life Size

LifeSize Video Conferencing Systems

A revolutionary architecture purpose-built for high definition video communications

Having developed a range of High Definition video conferencing systems, LifeSize Video Conferencing have recently changed the market. No compromise on quality, but a serious reduction on price. This is certainly changing the way the industry is looking at High Definition and will help improve video conferencing as we know it today, as LifeSize further expands the market.

By delivering nearly ten times the quality of existing video conferencing systems (limited to 352 x 288 pixels), users will experience a completely new paradigm in face-to-face video communications. LifeSize High definition (1280 x 720 pixels at 30 frames per second) video resolution will make participants appear true-to-size. And with advanced processing capabilities, LifeSize Room provides better video at any bandwidth including high definition resolution at 1Mbps, DVD quality at 512Kbps and Cable TV quality at 384Kbps.

Benefits of LifeSize Video Conferencing Systems:

  • Optimized and validated for use with OpenTouch unified communications
  • Delivers the ultimate in HD quality, flexibility and lowest total cost of ownership using the most advanced technology
  • Superior quality of experience: stunning HD video lets you see every movement and every gesture
  • The easy-to-use, intuitive interface invites interaction and encourages use, meaning enhanced communication, greater productivity and demonstrable ROI
  • Unique flexibility: easily deployed on any IP network, LifeSize solutions have been proven to deliver the best bandwidth/performance in their class
  • No costly network build-out required and no expensive additional equipment to buy. The range of video solutions offers customers the flexibility to deploy HD video communications far and wide in the organization
  • Lowest total cost of ownership: with the lowest acquisition cost and lowest total cost of ownership, LifeSize makes HD video communications accessible to everyone
  • Priced for broad deployment and with no hidden costs